Defendiendo nuestra fe

Mgr. Andrés Morello

Compañía de Jesùs y de Marìa

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                                                                                         December 21, Year of Grace 2016

Dear Friends,

                           May God bless you.

                           Things are what they are and that is an unbreakable barrier. There is no law, government or authority that can change what Man is, his social nature or the natural principles that govern society, nor his origin as a creature, nor his eternal destiny, nor the relative brevity of life, nor the certainty of death.

                           Eden´s disobedience, that of the fallen and condemned angels, the crazed presumption of Babel, Sodom’s perversion, Babylon’s pride, the emperors who made Christianity a crime, none of these things lasted as they claimed they would.

                           On the first Christmas in history the Virgin Mother and her Virgin Spouse sought lodging among their relatives and found none, when the Child was born Herod’s perversity sought to kill Him, the Jews tried to kill Him in the Gospel, they accused Him and achieved His death. “Quando occidisti? Gladio linguæ occidisti Eum,” says St. Augustine. (“When did you kill Him? You killed Him with the sword of your tongue.” 6th lectio of Matins, Good Friday.) The Roman would not have given the sentence if it were not for the accusation. “So that you see that I find no cause in Him.” (St. Jn. xviii:38; xix:5) “He was seeking a way to free Him.” (Ibid. xix:12.) Nor did he wish to condemn Him: “I am innocent of the blood of This Man.” (St. Mt. xxvii:24)

                           Could Life Itself, could the Author of Life, die forever? He rose again, and He showed it with deeds and miracles for forty days. He founded His Church, He rose into Heaven and from there He will come to judge the living and the dead.

                           The world in which we live, the societies in which we are obliged to work have the haughtiness of Babylon that wants to be more than God, that shouts that it does not need God, that confesses God in church at best and only in church so that God will be neutralized in social life and even in individual life. Men want to keep God out of their moral lives, their laws, their governments, their intellects and their consciences. So the Babylons become Sodoms and Gomorrahs submerging their pride in impurity. The Devil, being the first among angels, turned out the loser when he refused to be the way God wanted and ended up as the sewage of creation.

                           Let us go back to the beginning of these lines: Things are what they are. Man never tires of kicking against the goad and so far he has never been able to shout “Victory!”

                           During the last two weeks of Advent, which prepare us for Christmas, Holy Church says in the Breviary that her priests pray, “Prope est jam Dominus, venite adoremus.” (“The Lord is now nigh. Come, let us adore Him.”) (Invitational Antiphon of Matins from the 3rd and 4th week of Advent in the ferial office.)
Christmas means the Lord. The Son of God is God, there is nothing in Him that is not the Divine Person of the Word. That is why Holy Church says, before her Lord and God Who is to be born, “venite adoremus,” “come, let us adore Him.” It is the only correct, realist, obligatory attitude, before God, before His Will, before His Commandments. The only attitude that raises and magnifies Man when he does the Will of God and adores His designs.

                           “Venite adoremus,” “come, let us adore Him,” is the same as saying that we believe what You say, we adore what You command, we will never accept, want, nor do anything that You do not wish.
May this attitude of adoration in our life, our ideas and words, in our wills and hearts be the fruit and Grace of this new Christmas in this blinded world contrary to God and which languishes far from Him.

                                                           ¡Santas Navidades! 

                                                                                               + Andrés Morello.