Defendiendo nuestra fe

Miles Christi - 15/08/2016

«That We make no delay in this matter is rendered necessary especially by the fact that the partisans of error are to be sought not only among the Church's open enemies; they lie hid, a thing to be deeply deplored and feared, in her very bosom and heart, and are the more mischievous, the less conspicuously they appear. We allude, Venerable Brethren, to many who belong to the Catholic laity, nay, and this is far more lamentable, to the ranks of the priesthood itself, who, feigning a love for the Church, lacking the firm protection of philosophy and theology, nay more, thoroughly imbued with the poisonous doctrines taught by the enemies of the Church, and lost to all sense of modesty, vaunt themselves as reformers of the Church; […] Nor indeed will he err in accounting them the most pernicious of all the adversaries of the Church. For as We have said, they put their designs for her ruin into operation not from without but from within; hence, the danger is present almost in the very veins and heart of the Church, whose injury is the more certain, the more intimate is their knowledge of her. Moreover they lay the axe not to the branches and shoots, but to the very root, that is, to the faith and its deepest fibres.» (Saint Pius X, Encyclical Pascendi, 1907).

Francis has finally found the pontifical tiara that suits him

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Homosexuality is no longer condemned but « integrated »
  • 2. Secularism follows the sense of « History »
  • 3. Church and Synagogue, of equal dignity
  • 4. Some blatant heresies
  • 5. The destruction of marriage and the abolition of sin through false mercy
  • 6. Globalism and « ecological conversion »
  • 7. The « eco-encyclical » Laudato Si’
  • 8. Shocking blasphemies
  • 9. Support for Islam and Muslim immigration in Europe
  • 10. Francis, Teilhard de Chardin and pantheism
  • 11. Francis, paroxysm of conciliar ecumenism
  • 12. The question of the death penalty
  • 13. Toward a world government
  • Conclusion